Some Thought Provoking Web Pages

My Preferred Software Licenses

the SWIL Public License from Stephane Magnenat (God's license)
IBM's Common Public License (Software Patent License)
The Apache 2.0 Software License (This web server's license among others)
and of course, the Free Software Foundation GPL, LGPL and License of Guile

Julie Felix -- Californian, Mexican, English Folk Singer!

the Official Julie Felix Web Site
Julie Felix's Scrapbook
A quick biographical note
Julie Felix Filmography

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Web Site
Clergy Corner of the AAIM
More Light Presbyterians
Why We Let an Atheist Join Our Church (Counterpunch)
Why We Let an Atheist Join Our Church (AlterNet)
Why I Am a Christian, by Robert Jensen

Some other miscellaneous links

The Los Lunas Commandments Stone
Another reference to the Los Lunas Inscription

A well described solar panel peak power tracking system (MPPT charge controller)
Optimizing MPPT design by using a single sensor to estimate source power
Efficiently charging a supercapacitor power storage device from a PV solar panel