Some Interesting Links

Search Tools

Usenet Newsgroup Access
GNU Make Tools
Lycos Web Search
Hotbot Web Search
AltaVista Web Search
Google Web Search


SwervePictures: Independent Films with Verve! Soon to have Mars DVDs for sale
The Austin(TX) Film Society Web Site
The Olympia(WA) Film Society Web Site

Animation Stuff

Animation Artist Magazine
Local 839 IATSE - Union of Animation Artists
Cambridge Animation Systems Animo - 2D Animation Software
Comic Studio, RETAS! Pro, Clay Town - in Japanese
Toonboom Technologies Inc. - 2D animation software
Toonz - 2D Animation Software
Hash, Inc. - Character Animation
SOFTIMAGE/XSI - 3D Animation Software
Animusic - Animated music!
Blender - Open Source 3D Software


Some Newer Software Related to Atari 8-bitters
Darek Mihocka's Emulators for the 8-bit Atari Computers
Atari Protos: home for all those forgotten EPROMS
Atari 8-bit Vendors and Developers FAQ
Atari Archives: Publicly Available Atari 8-bit Information and Software
AtariAge: Have You Played Your Atari Today?
dmoz: The Open Directory Project - Atari 8-Bit Computer Systems
Pavel Machek's page on Atari related software/information he is preserving

File Collections

TuDogs: Freeware, Clipart, Animation, Web design, CGI and Tools
Tucows Linux Internet Downloads

Fading List of How-To-s

The Linux HOWTO Index

LinkedIn Networking Site Jobtools Login

Free C/C++ Tools

The Open Watcom Project
lcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C
GCC Home Page - GNU Project - FSF
Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC): Table of Contents
The Cross GCC FAQ
The Cross GCC mailing list archives
FreeBSD Cross GCC Compilers (
LFS Cross Compiling Documentation
Sourceware message board for Cross GCC
SGI - Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

All the other interesting stuff!

Dvbackup Project Homepage
OBD-2 Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser
Howstuffworks "How Hybrid Cars Work"
Renting a Toyota Prius in the US
NOAA Eta-KF Web Page -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids